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This executive seaside estate is located in Yeniköy, which is one of the most upscale and desired towns on the European side of the Bosphorus, in Istanbul, Turkey.This four-story mansion has been reconstructed in a sophisticated European Classical Wooden style completed in 2012.The estate sits on the 3,400 square feet land with 37 feet of water frontage.You will have six bedrooms, five full bathrooms, two living rooms and three WC in this 6,900 square foot home. The main kitchen has a spectacular size with luxury cabinets and you will also find a service kitchen in a smaller size. 
Beautiful historic mansion in an elegant neighbourhood.The house is situated in 5,000 square feet of land with and 3,900 square feet of enclosed area. It has four bedrooms, two living rooms and three full baths. One side of the house is facing to the beautiful historic Istanbul view and the other side is facing to the Bosphorus Bridge.Part of the beauty of living at this house is both located at the quiet part of the city and a very short stroll from the city center. This property offers a four-car garage, a decent size outdoor swimming pool and a verenda facing to the historic city.
Three storey villa is situated on a steeply sloping site, in the middle of the Bosphorus with breath taking view.  Villa once has nominated for the Aga Khan Architectural Awards, which is given every three years to projects that set new standards of excellence in architecture. This house has everything for someone wants to live in the middle of the city, but like living in the suburb. Villa is consist of two units can be connected easily. One unit is located on the first floor has two bedrooms and a living room and the second unit is located on the second and the third floors. This unit has four bedrooms and a large living room. Villa has two cars parking garage and a lap pool. 
Georgeus Yali in the historic town of Istanbul!The magnificent old town and historic palaces view Yali is located in Kuzguncuk. This waterfront mansion has 7,000 square feet enclosed area and 8,000 square feet of land with five bedrooms and two living rooms.A superb Yali is in a very quiet area and also very short stroll from the new financial center of Istanbul. There is a very private outdoor swimming pool with a cozy and comfortable veranda. This house also has a detached maid house in the backyard. The Bosphorus Manor is undeniably one of the most spectacular homes along Istanbul Coast.  
The estate is located in one of the historic towns of Istanbul, Kanlica, famous countrywide with its naturally made Yogurt.Yali cover 180-degree wide view with the historic fortresses and two bridges that connect two continents, Asia and Europe.The building has 7,000 square feet of enclosed area, 5,000 square feet of waterfront land.Currently the building consists of four duplex apartment units. It is suitable for a single family residence conversion. Three-car garage is available on the property.
The magnificent villa has a breathtaking Bosphorus and historic Istanbul view and the glow of the city lights. The villa is in one of the prestigious and high end gated community in the most desired town of the Asian side of Istanbul called Kandilli. This stunning house had been renovated contemporary with the carefully chosen materials. 10,000 square foot villa has four floors with five bedrooms, four bathrooms, two huge living rooms, one big cooking kitchen, a big pantry room, a small serving kitchen, TV room, laundry room and staff room.Villa has a three-car garage.Enjoy in the swimming pool with the gorgeous view!
Waterside mansion in Kanlica, Bosphorus.This seaside house is located in the city center of Kanlica,a historic town on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. This town is very famous with its naturally made special yogurt countrywide.House has 4,000 square feet of enclosed area with five master bedrooms and two living rooms. This dream house has a 180-degree wide of shining Bosphorus water view, Bosphorus Bridge and Rumeli Fortresses view.House also has a detached maid unit at the back of the building.It is priceless being able to keep your yacht in front of your home.
Great  mansion in the capital city of Turkey!Golden Mansion has been built with inspiration of the 1001-diffrent unique details from the historic palaces, and pavilions of Anatolia. This property has 3 floors. The first floor has a main living room, guest room; which called Sultan Vahdettin's office; kitchen and a big entrance hall. The second floor has 4 rooms, one master suit, an oriental room, resting rooms and 4 bathroooms. The ground floor has a Turkish bath, spa, gym, conferance hall with a capacity of 41 people, and staff room.   
Bosphorus view villa in a prestigious gated community in Anadoluhisari in beautiful Istanbul.It is located on the hill looking to the Bosphorus from a beautiful landscaped garden.The villa has one master suite, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a half bathroom, a big kitchen, TV room, and a hobby room.When you drink your morning coffee you can watch the watercrafts sailing from Black Sea to the Mediterranean. 
Single family residence in a most prestigious and wanted area of the European Side, Tarabya.Although, this house is very close to the financial district, it is in one of the groves of Istanbul and two minutes from the Tarabya Yacht Port.  So the only sound you hear would be the sound of the birds you when you are having a sun bath right next to your pool.House has 1,000 square meters of land with 450 square meter enclosed area with one big master bedroom, four rooms, five bathrooms and two large living rooms. It has a very private large size outdoor swimming pool and two big patios.